Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Privateer Quantitative Solutions provides custom-built interactive tools that enable our clients to rapidly analyse, visualise, and develop insight into their data. Specialising in the ocean and environmental sectors, we offer a broad array of data services and analytics — from dashboard development and data visualisation to mathematical and statistical modelling.


Privateer Quantitative Solutions offers a wide range of data services including:

  • Custom-built interactive dashboards
  • Cloud-based apps for monitoring deployed instruments
  • Instrument-specific tools for rapid data exploration & visualisation
  • Mathematical & statistical modelling
  • Data wrangling & integration


Privateer Quantitative Solutions was founded in 2017 by Daniel Reed. Daniel holds a BEng in Mathematical Engineering and a PhD in Oceanography, and has spent the past decade working on multidisciplinary projects across the globe. Whether analysing geoengineering solutions in Scandinavia, microbiology of the deep Pacific Ocean, agricultural practices in South Asia, or fish stocks of Nova Scotia, he develops deep insights through diverse, quantitative tools and intuitive visualisations.